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September 9, 2023 - WorldOra's Carbon News

Jerry RigEverything on Li Cycle an EV Battery Recycler This is a very well done quick 5 minute video explaining the end of life cycle for a car’s EV battery. At many of the functions I have attended it is common for questions of the disposal of a large lithium ion cobalt battery to come up as well as the discussion of whether it is practical to create something like a battery that it can be dangerous to dismantle. This ultra modern method puts both discussions to rest by showing that EV batteries are ALREADY being recycled without humans doing the dismantling by hand.

I found this to be an important part of the discussion as we all work together to cut down on the CO2 immediately being emitted to help create solutions to excess greenhouse gases and focus on climate change.

NPR report on Occidental Petroleum getting into CDR A U.S. oil company is investing heavily in what could become a game-changing technology: Sucking carbon from the sky. Two business models are vying for primacy over how this technology will be used.

(Most of the people I know in CDR are very focused on the halting of emissions and a move away from fossil fuels as well as carbon dioxide removal!)

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