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September 6, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News

California's Next Climate Frontier: Corporate Disclosure The state assembly is about to vote on legislation that would force companies to reveal their emissions and climate risks. Here's why that matters. EMILY PONTECORVO- SEPTEMBER 05, 2023- Heatmap’s great story on the two California bills that will force corporate disclosure and calculations for carbon emissions. Two landmark bills that passed the California State Senate in May and head to a vote in the Assembly this week or next could finally put systems and standards in place, with wide-reaching effects, as California is the fifth largest economy in the world.

One would require companies doing business in the state with annual revenues over $1 billion to report their greenhouse gas emissions each year. It would cover an estimated 5,300 U.S. corporations, according to Ceres.

The second bill orders businesses with revenues of more than $500 million to produce annual assessments of their exposure to climate-related risks, and what they are doing about those risks. More than 10,000 companies would have to report on whether heat waves that idle outdoor workers could hurt their profits, for example, or how vulnerable their facilities are to wildfires and floods.

Though the federal Securities and Exchange Commission is considering similar disclosure rules, the California bills go further by applying to privately-owned firms in addition to public-traded companies. About 73% of the companies that would have to report their emissions to California are private, according to Ceres.

Office of Electricity- DOE Office of Electricity: Building the 21st Century Grid Together-The Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity (OE) is excited to kick off a three-week campaign exploring the vital work done by our divisions—Grid Controls and Communications, Grid Systems and Components, and Energy Storage—and how they work in tandem to develop a 21st-century grid that supports all Americans. Follow our social media accounts and check back on our homepage as we introduce you to members of the OE team and explore their work, building up to World Energy Storage Day on Friday, September 22! The topics will run as follows:

  • September 5 – 8: Grid Controls and Communications Week

  • September 11 – 15: Grid Systems and Components Week

  • September 18 – 22: Energy Storage Week

  • September 22: World Energy Storage Day

And great short videos on the home page 1-6 minutes in length.

Elektrek- Where is the 154 B investment in the US EV industry going? Here’s where the $154B investment and 188k jobs from Biden’s EV push are going Jameson Dow | Sep 5 2023

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