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September 27, 2023 - Terri Pugh's Opinion Piece

I am Terri Pugh, and this is an opinion piece from someone who researches this subject daily- me!

The solution to global warming is two pronged:

  • Lower your own CO2 footprint immediately and

  • support lowering the large scale corporate footprints in industry starting with the fossil fuel industry’s 5 biggest companies.

Both are already in action, whether you realize it or not! Your personal footprint is diminishing faster than you know. Your utility is working on that. Your governments are working on that.

Now all you need to do is choose decarbonized products in your next home decisions or buy an EV. But you can also support your governments and their policy moves towards decarbonization. Some governors have already transitioned your utilities in the right direction and just like that, your power is more renewably based without any change on your part.

Thank local, state and federal governments for building infrastructure and helping to move away from fossil fuels. It is already happening. In fact odds are you will be driving an EV in your next car purchase and using a heat pump to heat your home soon.

Recent actions are moving industry’s momentum forward already towards decarbonization.

Examples of government taking on Big oil:

People of the State of California v. Big Oil

How the Federal Government Can Hold the Oil and Gas Industry …

U.S. Cities & States Are Suing Big Oil Over Climate Change - PBS

Supreme Court Refuses to Give Big Oil a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card

Examples of utilities moving to renewables

How & Why Utility Companies Are Investing in Renewable Energy:

How businesses can control energy spend and still make climate ...

Energy & Environment - Governor Jay Inslee

Minnesota's 100% clean electricity law explained - Fresh Energy

Policies moving US citizens towards choices that will decarbonize their personal footprints and the larger industries as well:

Inflation Reduction Act

Build Back Better/Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

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