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September 20, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News

Biden-Harris Administration Launches American Climate Corps to … a workforce training and service initiative that will ensure more young people have access to the skills-based training necessary for good-paying careers in the clean energy and climate resilience economy. The American Climate Corps will mobilize a new, diverse generation of more than 20,000 Americans – putting them to work conserving and restoring our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, deploying clean energy, implementing energy efficient technologies, and advancing environmental justice, all while creating pathways to high-quality, good-paying clean energy and climate resilience jobs in the public and private sectors after they complete their paid training program.

The E-BIKE Act is back and better than ever - The Verge A bill to give Americans a $1,500 discount on the purchase of a new electric bike was introduced in Congress this week. The original Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act was introduced in 2021 as a way to help defray the costs of an e-bike, which can be expensive but has been shown to reduce car trips for many riders. The bill was amended after it was included in President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation but was then dropped after the bill morphed into the Inflation Reduction Act. The new E-BIKE Act is very similar to its predecessor, right down to using the exact same name, but there are several key differences.

The Biden administration approves $100 million to fix ... - The Verge The Biden administration approves $100 million to fix the nation’s broken EV chargers / Over 6,000 EV chargers, or about 4 percent of the total number, are “temporarily unavailable,” according to the government’s database.

The US Department of Transportation is authorizing $100 million to “repair and replace existing but non-operational, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.” The investment comes from a $7.5 billion pot of money for EV charging that was approved as part of the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The department has already approved around $1 billion for the installation of thousands of new EV chargers along major highways in the US.

According to the Energy Department’s database of public EV chargers, around 6,261 of the 151,506 public charging ports were reported “temporarily unavailable” — or 4.1 percent of the total number. A charger can be identified as temporarily unavailable for several reasons, ranging from routine maintenance to power issues.

Ford, Honda, and BMW create a new vehicle-to-grid company to … Ford, Honda, and BMW create a new vehicle-to-grid company to help EV owners save money / The new company, ChargeScape, will create a platform that can be used by both utilities and EV owners to benefit from the expected surge in mobile batteries plugged into the grid.

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