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September 14, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News

Our contact in Rio Grande do Sul, Tassia de Santos, has been telling us about the climate change caused horrendous floods this week in Brazil. It is important to recognize that the changes taking place are having a huge impact. Reuters article on Rio Grande Do Sul Floods. Between Morocco's earthquake, Libya’s floods and Canada’s horrendous fires this season, it seems like no attention is being given to Brazil but climate change has been causing global effects.

The IRA Progress Report | Climate Now Julio Friedman is featured in the beginning of the podcast with James Lawler of Climate Now. Theprogram discusses the IRA and it’s progress afterwards the podcast focuses on Oliver Kerry’s take on the Inflation Reduction Act’s impact on the energy transition taking place.

Allego ceases installing new CHAdeMO chargers - The declining number of electric vehicles with the CHAdeMO standard on the market has prompted the European charging network operator Allego to cease installing the plug on its charging stations. While existing charging stations will remain, they will not be replaced.

The operator assures customers its change away from the CHAdeMO plug will not happen overnight and that drivers who rely on the appropriate infrastructure will not be stranded. Allego says that just under 4 per cent of all-electric cars sold in 2021 used CHAdeMO. “And that number is expected to continue to decline,” Allego said.

“We are not actively replacing chargers that support CHAdeMO. But when we open a new location or renovate an existing location, we are implementing CSS chargers only.” the provider writes in its statement.

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