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October 30, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News

Climate change screamed in our faces yesterday – but you may not … CNN article-

Hurricane Otis hit near the popular tourist city of Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast yesterday. Tropical storms usually take days to turn into powerful hurricanes, but Otis did it in 12 hours before going on to make landfall.

Forecasters have rarely seen a storm strengthen as fast as Otis did. To meet the definition of what scientists consider “rapid intensification,” a storm’s wind speed has to increase at least 35 mph in 24 hours or less. Otis’ winds increased 115 mph in 24 hours. The National Hurricane Center described Otis as “explosively” intensifying.

The Carbon Footprint of Food Supply - Visual Capitalist The Carbon Footprint of specific items from the food supply is a more important focus than distance of food’s travel if trying to lower your eating CO2 impact according to this article.

On a Personal Note: Since September 25 we have not paid for running our EV except for a charge on 10/8 for $11.52. How much have you paid for gas since then?

We have driven hundreds of miles since then but the practical day in and day out worked out this way. Since our ID4 is all electric, that is very affordable!

We live in an apartment and cannot plug it in for overnight charging at home.

Our household has simply drastically reduced our CO2 footprint since switching over to an EV.

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