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November 9, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News


you are getting geared up for COP 28, Hersh Shefrin of Santa Clara University has a great piece you need to read for Forbes magazine.

Hersh Shefrin sent this note over knowing I would priorities reading and buying this ASAP:

“Cambridge posted the online version and pdfs today of my new climate book. Hardcopy version will be out next month.”

In the meantime, the online version of the book is available for free at

I highly recommend Hersh’s work since he is one of the greatest minds in understanding Carbon removal, economics and he is a pioneer of behavioral economics.

Speaking of COP28, UAE warns reporters to avoid 'offensive' news stories at climate talks. (Somehow I found that offensive!)

The constraints on news reporters were spelled out in a “Media Content Standards” issued by the UAE Media Regulatory Office and posted to the website of the U.N. climate agency Oct. 23. The UAE is leading this year’s climate talks, which begin in Dubai on Nov. 30.

The document called for journalists and media outlets to “refrain from publishing anything that could offend directly or indirectly the ruling regime of the State” or that “could be offensive to the national unity and social cohesion.”

They should also avoid running stories that are “considered as an offense with or without intention to other countries,” that “could include the disclosure of any secret that might damage the reputation” or wealth of any person and “that is officially requested to be kept confidential,” the standards document said.

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