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  • Terri Pugh

Natural Resources in Washington State

Seattle Times- Richard G of CA sent this over. Allow sale of credits for carbon stored in WA-owned lands- Thanks to research over decades — and experience — we know that the value of Washington’s rich landscapes goes well beyond the materials we can extract from them. In fact, these lands, in addition to providing critical wood for our homes, hospitals and schools and food for our tables, also provide critical ecosystem services like clean air and water, and carbon sequestration and storage. Indeed, these lands provide the most valuable tools we have to address the challenges climate change poses for everyone in our state.

And it’s past time we capitalize on that value to increase revenues for our schools and communities, reduce costs to taxpayers, and improve the health of our forests, farms and aquatic lands.

That’s why we support House Bill 1789, which enables the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to tap into a new source of revenue by accessing the state’s newly-created carbon exchange. We can do this all while supporting and enhancing our state’s vital forestlands, farmlands and aquatic lands.

By selling credits for the carbon stored in our working forests and farmlands, and for the natural ecosystem services our landscapes provide, we can add more revenue for beneficiaries of state trust lands, increase the value of working forests and farmlands, and give a much-needed boost to habitat restoration initiatives that have never been adequately funded.

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