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May 7, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Eleven Chemical Plants in China and One in the U.S. Emit a Climate … Eleven chemical plants in China and one in the United States emit a potent climate pollutant with collective emissions equal to the annual greenhouse gas output of 31 million cars, according to a report published on Thursday by Global Efficiency Intelligence, an industrial decarbonization research and consulting firm based in Tampa. The emissions, which also deplete the earth’s protective ozone layer, could be effectively eliminated at little cost, the report’s authors conclude.

President condemns 'obsession' with economic growth From a LinkedIn post by Wil McBain “Wow! The President of Ireland has called for a new socio-ecological model for Irish society that acknowledges the limits to growth and calls for “sufficiency for all, not accumulated wealth for a few”. He acknowledged that inequality is at the heart of the ecological catastrophe and cannot be a secondary consideration. He stated that the state must become more central in providing universal services for all. “Funding for public services must be seen as investment, not a burden”…

“Many economists remain stuck in an inexorable growth narrative, or at best a ‘green growth’ narrative. A fixation on a narrowly defined efficiency, productivity, perpetual growth has resulted in a discipline that has become blinkered to the ecological challenge – the ecological catastrophe – we now face”.

“That narrow focus constitutes an empty economics which has lost touch with everything meaningful, a social science which no longer is connected, or even attempts to be connected, with the social issues and objectives for which it was developed over centuries. It is incapable of offering solutions to glaring inadequacies of provision as to public needs, devoid of vision.”

“The challenge for all of us here today, is, therefore, to find a way of building, with all our distinctive contributions, an alternative to that hegemonic discourse that casts competitiveness, productivity, efficiency, as the ultimate purpose of economic activity, and inexorable growth in output and trade as an end in itself”.

“I suggest that all of the prevailing ruling concepts in our present economic discourse – flexibility, globalisation, productivity, efficiency, innovation, indeed economic growth itself – are capable of being redefined within an active citizen participative state context, given a shared moral resonance, reimagined sustainably within the context of the new ecological-social model.”

Sounds like common sense to me, but for this to be said by a mainstream politician is a huge breakthrough. And it won’t go down well in some quarters….”

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