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May 20, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Updated: May 22

Biden Announces $251M Investment In Carbon Capture Technology This week, the Biden administration announced a $251 million investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities in seven US states.

However, carbon capture also has its fair share of opponents and skeptics, particularly among environmentalists, who argue that CCS is still a way’s off from reaching the needed scale to have a meaningful impact on rising global temperatures and prolongs the use of fossil fuels, as opposed to focusing on renewables.

Noah Deich, deputy assistant secretary for the Department of Energy’s Office of Carbon Management said: “We’re trying to get commercial lift off in the carbon management industry as a whole.”

Biden administration proposes strict new power plant regulations CBS News describing the situation succinctly in a 4 minute video that outlines the entire discussion

Carbon Future's US state policy perspective- Sebastian Manhart May 15, 2023 Over the course of the last four months, we at Carbonfuture have dug deep into the current state of play of CDR and point-source carbon capture and storage (CCS) policy across the United States. This report shares exclusive insights into the maturity of CDR legislation, development of CDR targets, financial incentives for CDR, and federal congressional support across all 50 US States. (I would like to point out here that PacCLEAN has helped WA state to this week procure $32 million from the WA state budget thanks to forward thinking legislators within the state.)

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