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May 12, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

A new newsletter just showed up in my inbox and if you are watching my scoops in CDR, you are going to love it! I recommend signing up for, a Time publication. Time newsletter - Justin Worland wrote a brilliant piece titled, How to Understand Biden’s Climate Rules. If you own a business, this is a must read. Time magazine’s CO2 sector also seems to offer a Planet Portfolio that offers $10,000 chunks of investment in a well curated even mix of solutions.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been on a rulemaking frenzy this year, issuing a suite of new regulations over the past few months designed to cut pollution. From rules on mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants to new requirements for passenger vehicles, the drumbeat has felt almost non-stop.

On Thursday, the EPA announced the biggest measure yet: new greenhouse gas emissions standards for power plants that run on coal and natural gas. The outcome, the Biden Administration hopes, is that the rule will lay the groundwork for an electric grid powered entirely by clean power by 2035. “The President's '100% by 2035' goal for the power sector [has] been the north star that has guided policy,” said Ali Zaidi, President Biden’s national climate advisor, ahead of the announcement. “And part of that approach is setting rules of the road that can help facilitate and reinforce that shift.”

Those compromises seem to have worked, as many companies are responding to the array of nudges—and not just in the power sector but across the economy. The IRA has driven a spike in investment in U.S.-based clean technology manufacturing even as the Administration is still putting the finishing touches on how to implement and disburse money under that law. And a Deloitte survey from earlier this year found that 65% of C-suite officers had increased their climate action in response to the changing regulatory climate.

Planet Portfolio. Climate Action For Businesses. - TIME CO2

Toyota CEO: "This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry!" Fascinating 8 minute video on Toyota hydrogen vehicles. I wish to point out that most discussion on hydrogen at this point centers around the impracticality today of hydrogen personal vehicles. Most hydrogen vehicles are for large and commercial purposes at this point because of the range hydrogen can offer over electric. Perhaps hydrogen will be more efficient in the future but we can’t afford to fritter away another decade waiting for hydrogen to reach the necessary cost. I bought an EV because they make sense today.

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