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March 29, 2023- Your Scoop in CDR!

Updated: Mar 30

Swiss court case ties human rights to climate change - BBC News More than 2,000 women are taking the Swiss government to court claiming its policy on climate change is violating their right to life and health.

The case is the first time the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will hear a case on the impact of climate change on human rights.

It follows six years of unsuccessful battles through the Swiss courts.

Temperatures in Switzerland are rising faster than the global average and there are ever more frequent heatwaves.

The Swiss women - who call themselves the Club of Climate Seniors and have an average age of 73 - say climate change is putting their human rights, their health and even their lives at risk. Their evidence to the court includes their medical records.

10 key ESG and sustainability trends, ideas for companies From consumers to employees to investors, more people are choosing companies that prioritize environmental, social and governance concerns. 17 March 2023

From the boardroom to the shopping cart, a wide array of stakeholders are looking to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria to help decide where to put their dollars. Business sustainability, in particular, has come under the microscope in recent years as a result of the exponentially growing focus on climate change. CIOs and other leaders would do well to understand ESG and sustainability trends for business and take proactive action to get ahead of the competition.

Sustainability and ESG are here to stay

The corporate world is going through a rapid pace of change in how it thinks about and addresses sustainability and other ESG investing areas, said Simon Mingay, a research vice president at Gartner. Businesses are moving to address these needs differently -- sometimes by demonstrating leadership for others to follow and, in other cases, simply by keeping up with new regulations and industry norms.

"Every enterprise is on the pathway to net-zero whether they have decided this for themselves at this point or not," Mingay said. "The only choice they have left is whether they want to lead, follow or get drawn in kicking and screaming."

Depending on how companies decide to engage on ESG and sustainability, CIOs will have different levels of involvement, Mingay said. That can range from supporting business leaders in other departments with the right information to taking on a more direct role in managing sustainability transformation efforts, much like other digital transformation projects.

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