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March 28, 2023- Your Scoop in CDR!

BCG commercial offering businesses an opportunity to understand how they can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. “Reducing emissions is no longer primarily a technical problem. Most countries [in the Paris Accord] can reach 80% of their 2 degree target without requiring new or unproven technologies. Even better the economic case for countries that act can be even better.

Carbon Offset Market Could Reach $1 Trillion With Right Rules Carbon Offset Market Could Reach $1 Trillion With Right Rules

January 23, 2023

Doubts over credit quality and climate impact gave investors pause in 2022, but long-term demand could still drive massive growth: BNEF

New York and London, January 23, 2023 – The total value of carbon credits produced and sold to help companies and individuals meet their de-carbonization goals could approach $1 trillion as soon as 2037, BloombergNEF finds in a new research report. The article describes scenarios then states “Creating standardization is the carbon offset market’s space race. Solving these issues could grow the market by several orders of magnitude, but we run the risk of too many of these competing efforts happening at once, similar to what we’ve seen in adjacent areas like ESG reporting and sustainable finance,” said Harrison. “If we continue with this siloed approach, we’re back at square one”

Which begs the question, where are you spending your money today? Where will you be spending it 10 or 20 years from now? Gas for your car? Your energy bill? Will you be paying a new monthly bill to have household CO2 taken away at the curb?

This uncertainty itself is examined in the following piece in the New stork Times.

The Slow-Motion Tidal Wave Consuming Our Economy How do we deal with risks we cannot even define? A good start is to move away from the economist’s palette of efficiency and rationality and instead look at examples of survival in worlds of radical uncertainty.

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