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March 25, 2023 Your Daily Scoop in CDR!

Updated: Apr 24

Germany strikes deal with EU on combustion engine phase-out - DW Berlin and Brussels have reached a deal in a dispute over a ban on new cars with internal combustion engines. The agreement relates to the future use of e-fuels in cars.

Germany and the European Commission on Saturday said a deal had been reached over an agreed phase-out of combustion engine vehicles.

Critics of the e-fuels proposal had argued that manufacturing e-fuels is very expensive and energy-intensive. Using such fuels in a combustion engine car requires about five times more renewable electricity than running a battery electric vehicle.

Super Critical Carbon Removal offset commercial-great for seeing the transition economy’s future unfolding before our eyes! Supercritical’s carbon removal marketplace enables businesses to buy certified permanent removal from a range of verified suppliers

StoneX And AirCarbon Exchange To Create U.S. Digital Carbon … StoneX And AirCarbon Exchange To Create U.S. Digital Carbon Marketplace- for more on this time into Philip’s Carbon Market News later today.

You can watch the full video on YouTube or TikTok.

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