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June 6, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Solar beating coal in Europe exposes energy system flaws - Fortune The European Union’s transition to clean energy marked a milestone in May, when solar panels generated more electricity than all of the bloc’s coal plants for the first time — and that’s before summer sun boosts production even further.

While the furious expansion of solar generation bodes well for efforts to replace fossil fuels, the breakthrough also exposed flaws in the energy system. Power prices turned negative during some of May’s sunniest days as grid operators struggled to handle the surge.

The Hill- Funghi are pulling down jaw dropping amounts of CO2 A study published Monday in Current Biology found that fungi gobble up more than a third of the world’s annual fossil fuel emissions.

WaPo rebuttal to Rowan Atkinson

Watch for headlines from Climeworks Second Annual DAC Summit. I stayed up much of last night to watch it and the conversations were insightful and exhilarating. The capper was Katherine Harbor’s speech near the end.

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