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June 26, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Climate Majority Project Harnessing shareholder power to drive climate responsibility- Investor Risks and Opportunities in the Context of Deep Carbonization of Electricity Generation. (This is a perfect example of shareholder advocacy in action!)


  1. Climate change is a major investor risk that is material, undiversifiable, and preventable.

  2. Responsible corporate governance is critical to addressing climate change.

  3. Investors have the power, opportunity, and responsibility to act and hold public companies accountable.

PG&E Launches New R&D Strategy Initiative and Innovation Summit Benzinga - June 23, 2023 Accelerating Innovation with Breakthrough Thinking and Radical Collaboration: PG&E Launches New R&D Strategy Initiative and Innovation Summit

The PG&E Innovation Summit 2023 on July 25 leverages the R&D Strategy Report to bring together entrepreneurs, national labs, thought leaders, policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders to engage directly with PG&E leaders and subject-matter experts about the current state and future needs of the energy system. This inaugural event will include energy industry keynote speakers (to be announced) and deep dive breakout sessions around the key R&D themes outlined in the report. The one-day event will take place in-person in San Ramon and will be hosted by Jason Glickman and Patti Poppe, Chief Executive Officer of PG&E Corporation. There will be a virtual attendance option inclusive of the breakout sessions.

Lake Tulare is still here and might be for two years Three months have passed since the lake, which dates to the Ice Age, re-emerged in the basin that once held the largest body of freshwater west of the Mississippi River. Dammed dry by humans, it has periodically attempted a comeback, though rarely with the force seen after this winter’s storms.

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