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June 24, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Patch | The platform scaling unified climate action Patch Project Showcase webinar series- Mineralization Innovations: Transforming Carbon Through Minerals- on June 22, 2023, I turned into a fascinating webinar on CarbonCure Concrete and Lithos Carbon put on by Patch- my new favorite business website! Patch is a unique platform that makes it easy for anyone to by CO2 removal. If you are into DAC or Kelp, simply load a few tonnes of carbon removal into your shopping cart and buy right then and there. Wow! I was floored. Not only was the webinar full of useful and exciting information in its own right, but it was a thrill to see that I could buy removal on my own here and now. I guess it was a commercial, but to me it was a realization of a dream I have had.

If you know the term CDR, you have to check out this Patch website today. It will have you smiling at the accessibility of the future we are all working toward today.

This episode on mineralization was the third in a series. You will want to check it out. I happily signed up. Let me recap, there is a really informative webinar link above AND a must-see website selling carbon credits as if they were Amazon products to pop into your on-line shopping cart. Simply thrilling to see!

If you are buying or selling carbon credits, visit the site.

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