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June 21, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Updated: Jun 22

Analysis: Auto firms race to secure non-Chinese graphite for EVs as … Reuters- Analysis: Auto firms race to secure non-Chinese graphite for EVs as shortages loom

EVs to account for more than half of mined graphite demand

Automakers seek supply from new Western graphite miners

Graphite biggest component by weight in EV battery

FACTBOX: Graphite companies and offtake deals read more

LONDON, June 21 (Reuters) - Automakers, including Tesla and Mercedes, are rushing to lock in graphite supply from outside dominant producer China, as demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries outpaces other uses for the mineral for the first time due to soaring EV sales.

Washington State Government | Climate Solutions This article has a great rundown of policies that can be replicated at the state level to move away from a fossil fuel focus and towards renewables. 2023 marks a significant shift in climate policy, from a focus on passing major climate policies to now implementing these transformative laws. Washington has among the strongest policy frameworks to transition away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy, thanks to the Legislature’s passage of the Clean Energy Transformation Act, Clean Fuels Standard, and Climate Commitment Act (CCA), which will be bolstered by the Federal Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act. As the Legislature invests in clean energy generated by the CCA, it is critical to spend the dollars wisely to transition to a carbon-free future while reducing the cost burden on vulnerable communities.

$2 Billion in climate and clean energy, coming to you! The 2023 climate wins recognize this shift. It has been two years since the passage of the Climate Commitment Act, which created an enormous opportunity to invest BILLIONS of dollars in clean energy solutions and healthier communities. Creating new clean energy programs with Climate Commitment Act dollars was a top priority this session; we saw tremendous progress towards making clean energy accessible to all, improving air quality in overburdened communities, facilitating the creation of jobs through improvements to the process for building clean energy projects, and changing land-use and zoning requirements to incorporate climate concerns. It is incredibly exciting that Washingtonians across the state are on the brink of seeing and feeling the benefits of our clean energy laws.

  • Clean Transportation: bringing zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to communities statewide

  • Clean buildings: increasing access to cleaner, more efficient homes and buildings

  • Air quality: a promising start toward improving air quality and health disparities in overburdened communities

  • Siting: bringing clean energy projects and jobs to our state

  • Utility shut-off prohibition: ensuring everyone remains connected to critical utilities during heat waves

  • Land-use: incorporating climate into local planning and ending single-family zoning

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