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June 19, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

The Coal To Clean Credit Initiative To Help Developing Countries … Coal combustion – the largest contributor currently to climate change, is facing a phase-out push from a new initiative. The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) announced the Coal to Clean Credit Initiative (CCCI) – an enterprise that will aim to develop a methodology to use finance from carbon credits to incentivize a transition away from coal power generation.

The initiative will set a new comprehensive standard for the use of carbon finance to incentivize a just transition away from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy in emerging economies. The participants in the enterprise and their supporters – the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), RMI, and South Pole, will begin running a consultative process to develop the methodology this month and set a global benchmark for carbon-financed coal transition projects.

New Research Will Study CO2 Mineralization Systems To Help … CO2 mineralization is one of the most durable and permanent approaches available for long-term CO2 underground storage. Chen Zhu, a globally recognized geologist and professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington, has received an award of $736,000 from the National Science Foundation to solve long-standing gaps in scientists’ understanding of CO2 interactions with water and rocks when CO2 is stored underground.

The researcher will investigate critical geochemical processes that trap CO2 in rocks to better predict the potential for atmospheric carbon removal and storage via CO2 mineralization at scale. One of the processes at focus is the interaction of carbon dioxide with water in basalt formations. Basalt rocks have high concentrations of ionized calcium and magnesium that attract the carbon dioxide and bind with it to form calcite, dolomite, and magnesite.

Defense arguments to begin in youth climate trial in Montana - NPR Attorneys for the State of Montana said Friday they will not call one of their top expert witnesses in the only youth climate lawsuit to make it all the way to trial in the U.S. Sixteen young Montana plaintiffs are suing state leaders in Helena, saying they've ignored scientific evidence and continue to promote fossil fuels, worsening climate change. They say that violates their right to a "clean and healthful environment," which Montana's constitution guarantees.

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