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June 16, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Energy Secretary visits Port Arthur, addresses negative impact of … The U.S. Energy Secretary visited Southeast Texas as part of a nationwide campaign dubbed 'Energy Justice to the People Roadshow.' The goal of the roadshow is to support disadvantaged communities near plants and advance U.S. energy security in a 'just and equitable way.'

4th Annual Hollywood Climate Summit June 2023 June 21-24 The Hollywood Climate Summit is an

annual multi-day conference that creates

a community space for thousands of cross-sector entertainment and media professionals to take action on climate. We gather filmmakers, executives, artists, activists, climate organizations, scientists, and other experts for interactive action-oriented programming and professional development opportunities. Our main conference is located in Los Angeles, and we'll have hybrid workshops and virtual networking opportunities for international audiences.

Unleashing Hydrogen's Potential: Baking Soda As the Key to … PNNL scientists investigate the promising properties of a common, Earth-abundant salt.

In a world of continuously warmer temperatures, a growing consensus demands that energy sources have zero, or next-to-zero, carbon emissions. That means growing beyond coal, oil, and natural gas by getting more energy from renewable sources.

A research team at PNNL has proposed a safe pathway to store and release clean energy based on the chemistry of baking soda

Geekwire’s story on opportunities created by Gov Inslee and Pres Joe Biden Employers are seeking out locations in the rural and eastern parts of Washington state. This new economy that so many have been resisting does not depend on hubs such as cities to bring opportunity like so many other economic booms of the past. The new Silicon Valley is not city-centric as we phase out fossil fuels and embrace CDR/GGR and renewables.

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