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June 13, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Updated: Jun 13

AIA’s Blueprint For Better - Videos, classes, pdfs and more! All based on equity, design and resilience. American Institute of Architects - AIA Climate Action Plan, Framework for Design, and Courses the Fight Climate Change.

MIT Tech Review- Rivian off set credits Rivian hopes to earn carbon credits for its home electric vehicle chargers

The popular EV truck startup’s move raises questions about who really owns the climate contributions from clean technologies—and whether they should be used to offset someone else’s pollution.

Who owns the carbon credit offset for charging, the person who bought the charger and vehicle or the company that made it?

Portable Wind Turbine for camping Women designed wind turbine slims down to water bottle size. Perfect for emergencies or backpacking and camping. Lightweight. Shine. At a few pounds of weight, I would gladly pack this in my purse for overnight trips outside to be able to charge my phone. Presently selling in EU, slowed down production due to chip and supply chain shortages due to CoVid.

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