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July 3, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Have Carbon Prices Broken Containment in Washington State? Putting a price on carbon is a complex matter. It can put pressure on fossil fuel causing erratic price fluctuations. As someone who owns an EV, WA state gas price increases do not effect me. I do want to see people avoid emitting by switching to anything else but I also do not like to see more economic pressure being placed on families. The link with this article in the description has an in depth description of the well thought out responses and the excellence in planning the WA, CA and Quebec price on carbon auctions. Even so markets can not be completely contained and WA is an example of this.

On the plus side the high price fetched at this WA auction benefits a little noticed part of the 2023 budget that PacCLEAN worked on getting into action. Thanks to some forward thinking legislators’ support, PacCLEAN saw that some of this funding is being put into innovations in CDR and GGR.

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