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July 17, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Iran Persian Gulf Airport - NOAA Heat index 152 degrees F- A rare combination of extremely high temperatures and abundant atmospheric moisture created oppressive heat along the southern coastline of Iran on Sunday, July 16.

While air temperature observations give us a good idea about how hot it is outside, other elements like wind and humidity also affect how hot the weather feels to our bodies. In general, windy weather makes us feel cooler and humid weather makes us feel hotter.

Meteorologists can estimate how hot or cold the weather feels by using equations that factor in air temperature and other atmospheric variables. One of the most widely-used methods for estimating the impacts of hot weather is called the ‘heat index’, which combines air temperature and humidity.

CarbonGap’s analysis of new EU ESG standards Companies under the scope of the CSRD will have to disclose their emissions in publicly available annual reports separately from carbon credits, without aggregating the two and thus giving the impression that their emissions are lower than they are. Beyond this improvement, the separation of carbon credits generated by emission reductions from those generated by carbon removals ensures greater transparency over the nature of carbon credits.

While the draft ESRS requires biogenic and fossil emissions to be reported separately, as well as carbon removal credits to be disaggregated by storage type, there is no ban on balancing fossil emissions with removals into biogenic sinks. To pursue a durable net zero, carbon emissions from the geosphere and biosphere must be balanced with removal and storage of carbon back into the geosphere and biosphere respectively, like-for-like.

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