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July 10, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Bold Imaginative Climate Ideas Proposed At Academic Conference Hersh Shefrin has another piece in Forbes!

Intriguing examples were the subject of a recent conference co-organized by the University of California, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University. The conference program, summary, and presentations can be found here.

The conference featured two keynote presentations, and both described bold initiatives. One proposed an innovative, scalable, eco-friendly technology for producing meat. The other proposed a financial market innovation for incentivizing governments to honor their emissions pledges.

The remainder of the conference included a series of papers devoted to the conference theme: harnessing the energy of private financial markets to address climate related threats

Chinese EV automaker NIO unveils 150 kWh battery pack The new solid-state battery can deliver 1,000 km (620 miles) of range on a single charge. It took two and a half years but it’s finally here. Chinese electric vehicle automaker NIO has implemented a 150 kWh solid-state battery pack in its cars. The solid-state pack is supplied by WeLion and will debut on the upcoming ES6 SUV. Clients in China will be able to select the energy-dense pack as early as this month. This is according to a report by electrek published this Friday.

EVs cause twice the road damage of petrol vehicles, study reveals University of Leeds study shows EVs put 2.24 times more stress on roads than petrol vehicles, possibly worsening the UK’s pothole crisis. The increased weight of EVs can be primarily attributed to their heavy batteries, which can weigh up to 500 kilograms.

CTVC Climate Tech Goes Steampunk Decarbonizing heavy industry is going to mainly depend on finding emissions-free mechanisms to generate heat. AtmosZero wants to start with solving for steam.

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