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January 2, 2024

The Rise Of Renewables Is A Reason To Be Hopeful In 2024 CleanTechnica, Jan 1 2024-Steve Hanley- “It will be solar that helps move the globe away from coal, solar that powers the electrolyzers for green hydrogen and the electric-arc furnaces for steelmaking, and solar that allows the grid to expand fast enough to accommodate the electrification of everything, from vehicles to home heating,” quoting Eric Wesoffof Bloomberg’s NEF’s forecast.

Also a subsection here about maritime decarbonization for ports! A must read!

US- Wind, Solar Provide More Energy Than Coal CleanTechnica, Jan 1 2024 -Zachary Shahan- Today, coal has shrunk enormously as a US electricity source, and it doesn’t even provide as much as solar and wind power together — at least, not in recent months.

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