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February 9, 2024 - WorldOra Carbon News

Decarbonization containers turn 78% of marine emissions into … New Atlas, Liz Blain, Feb 8 2024- A remarkable pilot project installed on a 240-m (787-ft) container ship has proven it's possible to capture at least 78% of emissions from the smokestacks of cargo ships and convert the CO2 into limestone pebbles, which can be offloaded and sold.

London startup Seabound, funded by a US$1.5-million grant from the UK Government, partnered up with global shipping company Lomar to install the carbon capture equipment on one of its older and dirtier-burning ships, a medium-sized vessel capable of carrying more than 3,200 shipping containers.

Seabound's small prototype system itself fits in a few shipping containers, taking up very little room aboard the ship. It's designed as a retrofit, attaching to a ship's exhaust to capture the carbon dioxide and sulfur emissions from dirty marine diesel as it burns. 

Tectus offers a snazzy new take on electric mobility scooters New Atlas, Ben Coxsworth, Feb 8 2024- The three-wheeled, fully enclosed, single-passenger Tectus is made by Canadian electric mobility company Avvenire. Among other things, the firm previously brought us the considerably sportier Leggera three-wheeled roadster. 

The Tectus is propelled by two electric motors – one for the front wheel, one for the rear axle – with a combined power of 2,000 watts. These take the vehicle to a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph). One charge of the lithium battery pack is claimed to be good for a range of up to 160 km (99 miles).

A lidded box in the back of the vehicle allows for the transport of groceries and other cargo.

The Tectus is actually being offered in two models – the US$6,995 Deluxe and the $8,999 Ultimate. Special features on the latter include a backup camera (with obstacle sensors), running lights, a stereo sound system, GPS tracking, plus heating and air conditioning. Wireless charging is an optional extra.

February 8, 2024- Michael Mann, famed climate scientist wins million-dollar verdict against right-wing bloggers - The verdict comes amid heightened attacks on scientists working on climate change, vaccines and other issues. 

Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist, won his long-standing legal battle against two right-wing bloggers who claimed that he manipulated data in his research and compared him to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, a major victory for the outspoken researcher. This is also a win for scientists around the world who have been attacked for reporting their research findings.

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