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February 11, 2024 - WorldOra Carbon News

China's Carbon Emissions Are Set to Decline Years Earlier Than Expected WSJ, Sha Hua and Matthew Dalton, Feb 11 2024 - China’s massive rollout of renewable energy is accelerating, its investments in the sector growing so large that international climate watchdogs now expect the country’s greenhouse-gas emissions to peak years earlier than anticipated—possibly as soon as this year.

 IONNA is reporting that BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis created a joint venture charging network called IONNA. The joint venture aims to install 30,000 across the US and Canada. 

The stations will have CCS and NACS charging systems, Chargers also need to be in good locations with good lighting, food, coffee, bathrooms, and attractive seating. 

Focused on customer comfort and charging ease, the stations will be in convenient locations offering canopies wherever possible and amenities such as restrooms, food service and retail operations either nearby or within the same complex. A select number of flagship stations will be equipped with additional amenities, delivering a premier experience designed to showcase the future of charging.

What is winter without snow? Our children are finding out. WaPo, Caitlin Gibson, Feb 2 2024 - (Bittersweet  Washington Post article on parenting and the sadness that children are not experiencing the same weather patterns as the adults had in childhood.) This past December saw snow at a record low across the country. Last month, a new study confirmed that climate change has altered snow patterns across the Northern Hemisphere, bringing certain parts of the United States closer to a “snow loss cliff,” at which point snow loss will only accelerate.

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