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August 5, 2023 -Part 2

I am Terri Pugh on an Adventure in EV Pioneering.  Only 3:00 pm and we have already broken one of our unwritten rules. We stopped without charging because I was weak and needed to use a restroom......

And eat. So Panera was our stop. We had 177 miles left in the charger and there are no charging stations handy until Mt Vernon so we are stopped at Tulalip, Washington near Marysville. Generally for our ID4, this means we have quite a bit left before needing to charge. Usually we refrain from going above 80% of a charge on the battery unless we are on a long drive. The highest we have gotten on 100% is 275-285 miles. If charged slowly and in cooler weather,  it allows a higher mileage. On our trip in California last week fast charging dropped its range each charge in the 90+ degree heat. We reached a low of 228 miles. 

There is charging here along Highway 5 but PlugShare says it is all being upgraded. 

This is what happens on the road with so much change going on. It is missing the wrench symbol to indicate that it is being worked on. 

Our next stop will be Mt Vernon at WalMart. Then we can buy some trail mix and food. 

We have already noted that in Vancouver it will be much sketchier. We found out in the Redwood Forests of Northern California, you need proper internet to get the charging stations to work. 

It is definitely higher priced at $0.65 a minute at an Elite station in Canada which might be our first stop. It is also talking about On the Run stops which will be installed soon. 

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