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August 30, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News - Terri

Ocean Restoration Hits the Big Time - EXPOSEDbyCMD The European Union (EU) has just passed a law that will finally put the world on the right road towards solving the climate crisis. It’s a great start, and in the United States, Congress is almost there, too – just one step behind. This pro-OIF or OPR piece focuses on seeding the oceans with iron, a controversial and possibly highly effective way to perhaps remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere AND restore fisheries. I am not for any large scale applications but I have always supported money allocations for RESEARCH into this subject to understand safety and it’s potentials.

Webinars - Patch Sylvera and Patch’s webinar series touches on basic Carbon Removal concepts from understanding carbon removal credits to the Climate Regulatory Landscape coming up on September 6th. Consider watching a section from the video library or signing up for the upcoming webinar, all of which are free.

Porsche's New EV Charging Station in Germany Includes a Luxe …I want to see these in the US. Not necessarily luxury lounges but easy for city dwellers who do not have overnight plug ins with their apartments.

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