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August 25, 2023 - WorldOra's Carbon News

Eddyline Brewing is the first New Zealand Brewery to install Chart Industries’ Earthly Labs CO2 Capture Technology Carbon Herald Report from Petra Trendafilova- Aug 25, 2023 As industries are strengthening their environmental practices, one beer producer is implementing new technologies to reduce carbon emissions from its beer fermentation process. Eddyline Brewery NZ became the first craft brewery in New Zealand to implement Chart Industries’ Earthly Labs’ carbon capture device to meet its CO2 needs and cut emissions.

The technology called CiCi® CO2 capture technology is fit to take away CO2 waste from smaller sources like businesses, homes, and transportation. It is a small-scale technology that aims to make it affordable and achievable for all-size businesses to capture emissions. The system is the size of a refrigerator, installs in less than a week, and allows brewers to reduce CO2 purchases and costs.

Kia EV5 officially unveiled, check out the new compact electric SUV Elektra, August 25, 2023- Peter Johnson Kia officially unveiled its new compact electric SUV, the EV5, at the Chengdu Motor Show on Friday. The new EV5 is a family-friendly electric SUV influenced by the flagship EV9. Check out the official images while reading the full article.

Congress Considers a Heat Waves Law - Heatmap News Will Kubzansky, August 25, 2023- A handful of bills have been introduced that seek to adapt to more frequent heat waves.

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