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August 24, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News

GMC ZEV self charging The highly-anticipated GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser made its official debut Thursday. The electric pickup is fitted with EarthCruiser’s overland upfit solution, offering the ultimate zero-emission adventure vehicle with self-charging capabilities via solar power.

In March, GMC announced it was teaming up with EarthCruiser to build an overlanding upfit solution that could be integrated into the Hummer EV pickup.

According to company estimates, 605W onboard solar power and a 6 kWh 12V lithium battery system provide up to seven days of off-grid power. This enables appliances like a refrigerator or freezers to run for about a week.

Inside, you will find everything needed for a comfortable getaway, regardless of the terrain, with 80 inches of headroom at the entry, 76 inches in the hallway, and 35 inches in the bed area.

Even a Republican Debate has to discuss climate change in 2023-They actually talked about climate change Wednesday night at the first Republican presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle.

It was a quick conversation — about six minutes total. The non-Donald Trump candidates spent more time sniping at each other (and President Joe Biden) than they did talking about the warming planet. And it was hard to come away from that moment with a belief that anybody on stage had a plan, or even much interest, for addressing the climate. But they did talk about it.

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We Need a Sliding Scale for Carbon

1. Let the poor emit more.

2. Rich countries should pay climate reparations.

3. The case for luxury carbon taxes.

No, We Need One Carbon Rule for All

1. Carbon taxes can be fair.

2. Try a carbon swear jar.

3. Smarter financing can drive equity.

What To Keep An Eye On

1. Debt forgiveness.

2. Air fares.

3. The future of climate finance.

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