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August 15, 2023 - WorldOra Carbon News

US manufacturing sector reaping benefits of reshoring (report from Fox news) 08/13/23

US manufacturing sector reaping benefits of reshoring- Shocks to global supply chains and vulnerabilities they exposed have increased manufacturing firms' willingness to reshore operations to the U.S. As for where the U.S. is clawing back manufacturing capacity from, Semenuk said, "Most of the reshoring is coming out of China. To some degree, we’re seeing it come out of Europe… Those companies in Europe are also moving businesses back or expanding their U.S. because they want to benefit from these incentives that are available via the [Inflation Reduction Act], as well as the [Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act], and the CHIPS Act." - Bottom line- the policies are working at reinvigorating manufacturing and supporting US growth. Possibly a lesson for other countries to follow. -Terri

Carbon Solutions Group For over 15 years, we have been focused on advancing distributed decarbonization through electric vehicle charging solutions, solar aggregation and ESG services. We partner with public, private and government sector clients to accelerate their path to net zero.

As pioneers in the decarbonization movement, CSG continues to make waves in the industry by setting the bar in EV infrastructure development and by advancing access to EV charging, as well as managing 20,000 active solar aggregation projects in 20 states. (Seems to serve both residential and commercial needs- builds owns and operates charging stations and installs solar)

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