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April 4, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Updated: Apr 12

Everland Selects Space Intelligence As A Main Data Provider For Its … Increasing nature’s carbon sink capacities is an integral part of our efforts to curb climate change via forest restoration

and protection. Space Intelligence – a data provider for nature-based projects was named a main data partner by Everland – a company representing the biggest portfolio of high-quality REDD+ forest conservation projects in the world.

According to Everland President Josh Tosteson, this multi-year partnership will help both companies pursue an ambitious evidence-based research agenda focused on assessing the effectiveness of the REDD+ mechanism in realizing measurable forest conservation outcomes. Space Intelligence video

"We Need The Carbon Removal Market To Scale To Withstand … Supercritical- So Supercritical only vets the projects, but doesn’t take part in their development, right?

That’s right. Supercritical currently vets the projects and sells their credits, but we also try to understand what projects need in order to scale up faster, whether it’s financing, access to market or understanding of the standards and carbon market landscape. We are hoping to work closer with projects in the future so that we can help them more directly in their efforts to scale.

We follow industry guidelines, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. While it wasn’t written with tech or professional services companies in mind, we’ve developed our own benchmarks that take tech emissions into account. For example, tech companies are often heavy emitters, and for many, most emissions come from their supply chains.

Video explaining Voluntary Carbon Markets

April 3, 2023

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