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April 25, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Climate crisis | The Guardian Why is carbon dioxide removal technology so polarizing? For some scientists, they are the inevitable next stage of staving off the existential threat of climate chaos. For others, they should not even be talked about.

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies, which provide a means of sucking carbon out of the atmosphere, are one of the hottest areas of climate research, but also the most controversial

John Kerry: relying on technology to remove carbon dioxide is … John Kerry: relying on technology to remove carbon dioxide is ‘dangerous’

Exclusive: US climate envoy says existing measures, such as shift to renewable energy, must be deployed faster to stop global warming.

'Like a dam breaking': experts hail decision to let US climate lawsuits … ‘Like a dam breaking’: experts hail decision to let US climate lawsuits advance

Cities bringing climate litigation against oil majors welcome US supreme court’s decision to rebuff appeal to move cases to federal courts

Octavia Carbon- Reversing Climate Change. Changing Humanity's Relationship With Carbon. In Africa. (Kenya) Kenya’s rift valley has the right geology to safely store air-captured CO2 for millennia. Most of Kenya’s power grid is 100% renewable, thanks to Kenya’s abundant geothermal and hydro-power. Finally, Kenya has a young and innovative population that experiences the ravages of climate change first-hand, and so has a strong incentive to fix it.

Octavia Carbon of Kenya-

Duncan Kariuki is the product lead at Octavia Carbon. “We are a Direct Air Capture (DAC) company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We design and build modular DAC units in Kenya. We are currently developing a DAC + S project in the Kenyan Rift. Our goal is to leverage Kenya’s vast reserves of geothermal energy, suitable geology for CO2 storage and innovative talent to drive down the costs of Direct Air Capture.”

In his Ted talk, James Mwangi succinctly explains why Kenya is the best place to scale DAC.

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