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April 24, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Top 8 Decarbonization Trends & Innovations in 2023 - StartUs Insights In the Innovation Map below, you get an overview of the Top 8 Decarbonization Trends & Innovations that impact 5 081 companies worldwide. Moreover, the Decarbonization Innovation Map reveals 16 hand-picked startups, all working on emerging technologies that advance their field.

Top 8 Decarbonization Trends-

  1. Renewable Energy

  2. Low Carbon Energy

  3. Carbon Capture

  4. Electric Mobility

  5. Energy Efficient Technologies

  6. Climate Positive Food

  7. Low Carbon Materials

  8. Emissions Intelligence

EU Lawmakers Adopt Law Banning Deforestation-Linked Products ESG Today Lawmakers in the European Parliament on Wednesday adopted a new law requiring companies to ensure that products sold in the EU have not contributed to deforestation and forest degradation throughout their supply chains, and aimed at fighting climate change and biodiversity.

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