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April 18, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Verge Climate Tech October 24-26 The unprecedented challenges we face today present equally unprecedented opportunities to reimagine and redesign our world to be more prosperous, sustainable and resilient. The key programs that comprise VERGE 23 — Buildings, Carbon, Energy, Food, Startups and Transport — focus on seizing these opportunities.

Join the growing VERGE ecosystem of more than 5,000 professionals for this solutions-oriented event. By attending, you’ll gain access to inspiring keynotes, engaging breakout sessions and tutorials, innovative exhibit displays, networking events and more.

In Ohio, Electric Cars Are Starting to Reshape Jobs and Companies Ohio produces more internal combustion engines than any other state, making an adjustment to electric cars particularly urgent. Nearly 90,000 people work in Ohio for carmakers or parts suppliers, and several times that many are employed by businesses that serve those autoworkers and their families.The state, heavily dependent on the auto industry, is a case study in whether electric vehicles will create or destroy jobs.

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