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April 15, 2023 - Your Scoop in CDR!

Updated: Apr 24

NY Times report- How Electrifying Everything Became a Key Climate Solution The United States still gets most of its energy by setting millions of tiny fires everywhere. Cars, trucks, homes and factories all burn fossil fuels in countless engines, furnaces and boilers, creating pollution that heats the planet.

To tackle climate change, those machines will need to stop polluting. And the best way to do that, experts increasingly say, is to replace them with electric versions — cars, heating systems and factories that run on clean sources of electricity like wind, solar or nuclear power.

The clean energy milestone the world is set to pass in 2023 - BBC Greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector, the largest source of the world's emissions, are expected to fall for the first time, according to London-based think tank Ember. That's despite the fact that the world's demand for electricity is still growing. Emissions are set to fall because expansion in renewable energies such as solar and wind is outstripping that growth in demand.

And if this projection is right, then 2023 is the year when the power sector emissions start going down instead of up – and everybody will see that's not a fluke. It's very foreseeable. It's obvious that at some point the growth of the renewables overtakes the growth of our system as a whole, and emissions start coming down.

San Francisco’s Climate Week starts next week. 4/17-4/21

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