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In a pioneering move to clean up climate pollution, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed a capital budget that allocates funding for greenhouse gas removal (GGR). This marks the first time any US state has approved investment in technologies to actively remove the full range of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

In the Washington state capital budget signed on May 16, 2023, $12 million in grant funding within the state’s existing Clean Energy Fund will be made available for research, development, and demonstration projects that promotes clean energy and removes greenhouse gases from our atmosphere and accelerates the state’s progress toward net negative greenhouse gas emissions. Companies, academic institutions and non-profits pursuing a broad range of innovative projects will have the opportunity to apply for these grants.

A special thanks to Rep. Alex Ramel, who helped make it happen. His efforts and support were instrumental along with the following politicians.

“Washington is well-positioned to lead the nation and the world in developing and growing greenhouse gas removal methods. We don’t have to choose between good jobs and protecting our climate – with programs like this, we can do both. The state is already home to dozens of new ventures in this area, and our natural and human resources make Washington a logical home for this fast-growing industry,” said State Senator Mark Mullet, who serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee and leader of the Senate’s capital budget team.

“This funding is a testament to Washington’s commitment to lead the fight against climate change. By becoming the first state to invest in greenhouse gas removal, we’re charting a path that we hope other states will soon follow,” said State House Majority Leader Joe Fitzgibbon, who has previously helped to pass an ambitious suite of legislation to fight climate change, including the Clean Fuel Standard, the Climate Commitment Act, and the Clean Energy Transformation Act.

“I am excited about funding more research and development for greenhouse gas removal in Washington State, particularly in the Columbia River basalts located in my district,” said Senator Matt Boehnke, who serves on the Environment, Energy and Technology Committee and the Budget Committee. “Our state’s geology, agriculture, maritime and forestry present huge opportunities for growing this new industry.”

The measure was promoted by The OpenAir Collective and

“Washington State legislators have broken new ground by expanding the focus of carbon dioxide removal to include methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute significantly to climate changes,” said Chris Neidl, head of The OpenAir Collective.

Longtime Seattle resident, Mike Robinson has been a leader at getting this effort going and spearheading the work of PacCLEAN, which along with this effort, works at supporting carbon and greenhouse gas removal along the Pacific Coast.


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