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10/13/2023 - WorldOra's Carbon News

Biden selects 7 hydrogen hubs across 16 states for $7 billion in US grants.

Reuters reports - President Joe Biden will announce in Philadelphia on Friday the recipients of $7 billion in federal grants for the development of regional hydrogen hubs, advancing a key part of his administration's broader plan to decarbonize the U.S. economy.

Seven proposed hubs involving companies ranging from Exxon Mobil (XOM.N) to Amazon (AMZN.O) were selected, with their projects spanning 16 states from Pennsylvania to California. The program is intended to jump-start the production of "clean hydrogen" along with the infrastructure needed to get it to industrial users like steelmakers and cement plants.

Some 79 proposals had initially applied for the money.

"The regional hydrogen hubs will kick-start a national network of clean hydrogen production, consumers and the connected infrastructure necessary, while supporting the production, storage and delivery and end use of clean hydrogen,” a senior administration official said.

Hydrogen is produced by electrolyzing water, and the fuel can be considered clean – or low-emission -if it is produced using renewable energy, nuclear energy or natural gas with carbon capture technology attached.

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