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07/17/23 - Philip's Carbon Market News

Be Zero and Australia’s Carbon Market News Carbon credit rating agency BeZero Carbon has continued its global expansion drive today, after agreeing a new partnership with Australia-based climate solutions provider CORE Markets.

Budiness Insider Africa- Tanzania Tanzania attracts over 20 corporations, including international investors, with a total investment value exceeding $20 billion (Sh46.9 trillion) in the booming carbon offset market.

The adoption of regulations and guidelines on carbon trading in Tanzania leads to an influx of over $1 billion (Sh2.3 trillion) in annual investments, supporting the nation's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30-35 percent by 2030.

Tanzania's vast protected forests, spanning 48 million hectares, create a lucrative market for carbon trading, offering a unique opportunity to capitalize on natural resources and drive sustainable economic growth.

Write Congress: Cosponsor the PROVE IT Act WorldOra endorses this important bill! CCL notice- call to action for getting the building blocks together for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. We need more co-sponsors! Prove-It Act - 1 pager Senator Kramer’s

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