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06/14/23 - Philip's Carbon Market News

Visualizing Article 6 Implementation IETA, (International Emissions Trading Association), has noticed with appreciation the steady progression of the outstanding work to implement Article 6 since COP26. Because Article 6 is a voluntary mechanism, it requires positive “buy-in” from Parties to function. To help the governments, members, and stakeholders better understand the current landscape of Article 6, IETA has initiated a series of visual works about key aspects for the further development and implementation of the mechanism.

ArcelorMittal and LanzaTech announce Steelanol Multinational steelmaker ArcelorMittal and carbon recycling company LanzaTech announced on June 14 the first ethanol samples at ArcelorMittal’s CO2 capture and utilization site in Ghent, Belgium. The $200 million facility, which was inaugurated at the end of last year, is the first of its kind for the European steel sector and deploys LanzaTech’s CO2 utilization technology.

The ethanol samples mark progress toward full commercial-scale operation of the site that will capture CO2-rich waste gases from steelmaking and turn them into advanced ethanol using LanzaTech’s bio-based technology. In contrast to conventional fermentation, this process ferments gases rather than sugars and employs a biocatalyst instead of yeast. The biocatalyst has recently been introduced to the facility, a step known as inoculation, to initiate growth and validate the production of new molecules

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