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06/12/2023- Philip's Carbon Market News

Carbon Growth Partners to Raise $200 million Specialist carbon market investor Carbon Growth Partners (CGP) has reopened its Carbon Growth Fund No.2, seeking to raise US$200 million by mid-2024 including an initial US$20 million before the end of June 2023. The fund targets a 20% annual return by investing in a diversified portfolio of carbon credits and carbon offset projects.

20 Surging Climate Tech Startups (2023) - Exploding Topics In 2023, total investment in the climate and cleantech sectors is expected to reach $6.4 trillion.

25 Growing Renewable Energy Startups - Exploding Topics Of all energy sources available, renewable energy was the only one that saw an increase in demand in 2020, despite the pandemic.

In 2020, renewable capacity increased by 45%--around 280GW. This represented the largest year-on-year increase since 1999.

Government legislation, decreasing prices and environmental consciousness are some of the reasons behind this fast growth.

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