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06/09/23 - Philip's Carbon Market News

Bloomberg- Global Carbon Markets Face Upheaval as Nations Remake the Rules Governments are waking up to the value of their forests and mangrove swamps in anticipation of a new, global carbon offset market.

Latin America event 06/14/2023 on carbon markets and article 6 1 waiting Scheduled for Jun 14, 2023 1:00 am Pacific

The event will forge a discussion among stakeholders of LAC and the world in how to ensure a rights based approach in the implementation of article 6.8 in the region from the perspectives of indigenous, afrodescendants, women and youth people from mega diverse ecosystems.


Barranquilla+20,PBFCC, DCJ LAC organizations, Alejandro Alemán, Marcos Nordgren, Souparna Lahiri


Fundación Barranquilla+20

Centro Alexander von Humboldt

Climate Action Network - Latin America (CAN-LA)

Climate Tech VC article on IRA Tax Breaks and Business Taxes may make your eyes glaze over, but the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) promise of a whole pot of gold at the end of the green rainbow is reason enough not to sleep on tax credits. Of the much anticipated $1.7T (yes, with a T) public and private bonanza of IRA climate spend provisions, tax credits alone are predicted to make up over 2/3rds of all spending, essentially bequeathing much of the US’s decarbonization authority into the hands of—get this—the IRS.

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