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04/18/23 - Philip's Carbon Market News

Germany installed 35% more electric vehicle charge points in 2022 The number of electric vehicle charging points in Germany rose by 35% last year, exceeding the rate of increase needed to keep up with the rollout of battery EVs in the country, the BDEW energy industry association said on Tuesday.

The German government last October approved a plan to spend 6.3 billion euros ($6.9 billion) over three years to rapidly scale up the number of charging stations as part of its push towards net zero emissions from transport.

European Parliament Backs Reforming the EU Carbon Market The European Parliament voted on Tuesday to approve sweeping reforms to the European Union's carbon market, which are expected to hike the cost of polluting in Europe in the coming years and cut CO2 emissions faster.

The reforms would cut the supply of carbon permits in the market faster than planned, phase out free permits for industries by 2034 and gradually bring the shipping sector into the carbon market, starting in 2024.

Court says CA city can't enforce natural gas ban Berkeley, California, cannot ban natural gas hookups in new buildings because a U.S. federal law preempts its rule, a federal appeals court said Monday, siding with a challenge the state's restaurant industry made.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said Berkeley's 2019 ban on new gas hookups effectively barred appliances that use the fuel, and that the U.S. Energy Policy Conservation Act preempts such a move.

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