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04/10/23 - Philip's Carbon Market News

EU plans faster phaseout of super-potent greenhouse gases - Reuters The European Union is set to begin negotiations on a law to slash the use of super-potent greenhouse gasses in fridges and air conditioners, but countries and lawmakers are split over how fast to phase them out.

EU countries on Wednesday agreed their position for negotiations on the law to cut Europe's use of fluorinated gases (f gases), man-made gases used as refrigerants in heat pumps and fridges, and in aerosols and foams.

Environmental Markets and Finance Summit Denver, CO July 19-21, 2023 This global summit connects voluntary, regulatory, and program-driven markets across carbon, water, biodiversity, and finance around the world. Environmental markets operate because of you.

These markets are innovative private sector approaches to leverage scale and funding with economic and social benefit to preserve, protect, conserve, mitigate or restore the earth’s natural assets.

EU draws criticism as it proposes green label for some aviation … The European Commission has proposed labeling certain investments in aviation as green, after a months-long row over whether to add the sector to the EU's list of sustainable investments.

The Commission said the rules should encourage the aviation sector to cut greenhouse emissions in the near term, but its proposal to label certain planes as green immediately drew criticism from environmental campaigners.

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